The Lack of Uplifting and Uniting Women in 2014. What is our problem ladies?

(Originally posted 9/10/14.  Was talking with the OG last night and she hadn’t seen this post yet (Other Grandma) so I had to make sure I reposted it.  It really goes well with my entire weekend theme that I didn’t plan on here heh heh. Enjoy friends!)

We do not yet live in a world where women stand united completely. No, we do not. In fact, we are still so far from it and living in 2014. Come on ladies, get it together.

I have been wanting to write this article for years as its gone around and around in my head. Since I restarted this blog it was on my draft list, but left idle as the message I wanted to convey didn’t come into focus as clearly as some others have. However after something I experienced yesterday when interacting with one of my favorite young bloggers and budding authors, I forced myself to sit down and write it today. Whether or not the message comes across in the perfect way I want it to, I must at least begin planting the seeds and hope somehow readers get it and by some stroke of luck we start making real changes.

To give you an idea of what rushed me to finish this, this young blogger was discouraged by comments made to her personally as she defended the author of the article whose message is similar to her own blog. The comments were from another woman who didn’t know her and she was putting her down, calling her names, and insulting her intelligence. All the while my young blogger friend was boldy citing her past (one that no one would wish on anyone) and why she’s so passionate about it. When I first read her bio about her past and passion I saw a SUPERHERO – not only did she come out of that past okay, but now has a blog, wrote a book and is trying to help other women to avoid her and her friends experiences with past pains. I’m not saying my little friend was right or wrong with the comments at the time or even the subject, that wasn’t the point. The little blogger was hurt and possibly if I didn’t stop and say to her what came to me, she might of been planted with venomous seeds of doubt as to her mission, aspirations and passion that I admire her so dearly for. Thankfully if you’re wondering she’s uplifted and back on track – at least then she was. This is ONLY an act that we all should be doing for each other.  I’m no one special in regards to my duty to others.  But who knows what tomorrow may bring and what catty thing might change the life of someone who could change the world?

So, today I’m writing to educate the ignorant commenter, you, me, all the women in the world that have not yet gotten the message and – oh, and maybe a man or two can learn a little something as well. If I plant a seed with my garbled thoughts I’ve done my job. (Do not confuse my seed planting with the “spreading of seeds” example I will cite forthcoming, hee hee. Sorry, just a little humor. You’ll see).

Women united are what makes the world the place we all want, men included, and what it should be. We are the real leaders ladies not the men! We need to stand together and back each other up and we are still not doing that. I’m getting tired of it.

It isn’t all our faults really, as we are genetically predispositioned to do the exact opposite.  Isn’t that crazy?  I call to mind the example I set to the malicious commenter.  Men are the “hunters” and women are the “gatherers” a theory I heard in the 90’s a part of a satirical yet honest comic/speaker that spread an eye-opening message. This humorist spoke that men are naturally made to “spread their seed” and women to “make the home/nest.” All this programmed in our DNA to keep the human race procreating.  All just instinctual things ingrained in ourselves from the dawn of man. Therein lies the issues women have today with each other.  Because the male is doing his part to procreate he’s born naturally without a gene to filter out who he does it too– just to do it. Part of why men can father until death yet we cannot.  Because we are doing our part to procreate as nesters, we instinctually embrace men; are monogamous (there are ALWAYS exceptions, don’t get me wrong) the act of sex and being provided for as what today we call LOVE, so that we will stay in our homes and raise the children and keep life from extinction. We do are part and we need the hunter to continue feeding and providing for us.

So if any other woman should get in the way of that process or he spreads that seed somewhere else, (because he doesn’t care where it goes, just so it goes), we fear we lose our partner in this process and we want to rid them of any other woman who may threaten this cycle of life, and quickly.

My neighbors Tarrie, Ally and I were talking about cats the other day. Tarrie was complaining that her two female cats do not get along and Ally offered that it is a well-known “no-no” in the cat world to have two female cats in one household. Wow.  She then further enlightened me on something I never knew- that is where the word “catty” comes from.

We are not cats and we are not cave people either.  We are highly evolved women who, thanks to the “feminist” movement of the 1960’s, (not whatever is going on today disguised as feminism) now know we can and do anything we want including going to war, being doctors, authors, lawyers and even football players. Yes, there are even high schools that now allow women on their team.  What a world we live in, huh?  When I was a little girl, top career choices for women were secretaries, teachers, nurses, and “homemakers.” I was lucky enough to witness as I grew up the complete 180 degree turn the world made.

Yet, what a world we live in that we are still being so “catty” to each other.  All the struggling our foremothers did to ensure that we could lead any life path we chose and we still want to put each other down, say mean and defaming words that as women, we know and understand hurt us on an emotional level that men do not and will never feel. Men have a bond – a buddy thing. They constantly gloat in the simplicity of their relationships. Well guys you really don’t get any credit or know some special secret.  If you were as complex as a woman is you might not continue to spread that seed enough and life would be wiped out.  You were made not to think so deeply, just spread the seed. So you can stop gloating now. 😉

Can you even imagine a world, where every single woman stood together? When I see that world, I see no cheating, no broken families, successful lives and a world filled with ONLY good.

We all know how good “girl time” makes us feel.  We all know the power of friends. But we all know too well how mean and hurtful we can be to each other and how easily it can tear us down.

So, I ask every reader today to face that DNA inside you recognize it, and live life fighting that instinct from this day forward.  Encourage, uplift, educate and help each other. Create the bonds our bodies say we cannot.  Prove nature wrong and be the woman you want everyone else to be.  That’s it.  Its not so hard ladies, its called BEING KIND.

This is just a fraction of what uplifting women has brought to my life.  If you want it, start being one.

Have a great day, and love and so much encouragement to all of you, especially all you women.



12 thoughts on “The Lack of Uplifting and Uniting Women in 2014. What is our problem ladies?

  1. Reblogged this on Pukah Works and commented:
    I have seen so many other things that should not have gone viral do just that. I’ll see what I can do to help this, which IS deserving, go viral instead! Uplifting and kindness are needed from everyone, not just the women.

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    • I put that on the ever growing list of invaluable resources you’ve put in place to propel me, in your gracious charity to one little voice. To clarify,,the mark here, was for women to love each other and not bring each other down. I’m working on it , heh heh, hopefully the next one will be clearer.


    • I start wondering now the time zone difference, and that you are probably asleep and I’m glad because as I was coming back from the hospital I was unsatisfied with my original reply that I wrote in haste as I had to get grandbaby (which I will keep for you to see) and you haven’t seen it yet so I’m glad now. In any case, the mark was, even though inherently women are meant to be rivals and its a part of our dna (and I actually can site some advice a new email friend gave me about women, hint hint–), that “cycle of life” pattern ingrained in our brains makes us natural enemies and more hurtful to each other than we are to men.

      Now, think about many women today are waiting for the hunter to come home, so the family doesn’t die? The women, while even with a full nest and no hunter in sight can provide and care and succeed. Like me, raising my sons alone. Now that’s not the point. The part about how we are conditioned to protect our hunter, making women rivals, we’re still fighting the women away, when there’s no reason for it, and they can be such wonderful sources of joy, comfort, inspiration and friendship and help each other be our best. We are really just continue repeating and submitting to our natural instincts, our DNA. So it was a call of rebellion to the habits that no longer apply, awareness that we are still doing it, and hope for change. When I did that, I gained so many wonderful friends in my life, and it continues on and on. I hope in there somewhere that made better sense.


      • Beth says:

        I have noticed that several comments may pile up on me because I forget to check the little bubble in my tool bar. Then, when I find them and try to comment, my answers are all piled up together and it is difficult if not impossible to tell which person or which comment I am responding to.

        That being said, yes we women are sometimes like primitive competitors, protecting our turf with battle axe in hand. LOL

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