Walking Dead Lunches

Hoping to have a real lunch with him someday

Hoping to have a real lunch with him someday

I haven’t had cable in months so I watch very little TV these days.  But there are certain shows I must not miss and The Walking Dead is one of them. Thanks to Amazon I still get my Rick Grimes fix weekly. Also my buddy Monica got a job right down the block from me and she’s also a huge fan.  So for now every Monday we have our “Walking Dead Lunches.” Here I am waiting for her to get here. Its such a fun thing to look forward to on Mondays!!

The best part is the gross scenes don’t bother our eating. Happy Monday!!


12 thoughts on “Walking Dead Lunches

  1. Well, I hope you have a good lunch. 🙂 I can’t get into the zombie thing much. I know a lot of people who like that show. My husband likes zombie movies. I am surprised he doesn’t watch the show. I can sit in the same room with him watching a movie as long as I have something to keep me busy during the gross parts. If I am not in the mood at all to hear it, or see it, I will go in the other room and find something to read or do. Enjoy your show. 😀

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    • Hee hee.. took a lot of getting used too but I even had ramen today! Crazy but kind of proves the point with the other post I did today. Really though the WD is a human story more than anything.. how they survive and fight and stay people throughout the crazy. You might like it! Your husband would LOVE IT and you definitely need to check it out on Netflix, they’ve got it from Season 1. Thanks for commenting and it was GREAT!

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      • That cop was no good, and for the life of me, I don’t know why Rick didn’t shoot him when he was trying to feed Daryl to the melting walker in the parking lot. If Beth is reading this right, the female cop is running the show. I don’t know what power she has over these rogue cops, though. Is this hospital going to be the new prison?

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      • The priest thing is really ominous. I like what they did with the crucifixion analogy and the nail in his foot, and then followed with a crucifix worn by a walker. Something he did is really bothering him on a fundamental level in a religious way. I also think that Beth is really taking chances in the last two episodes. I like that she’s trying to help her friends, but she really needs to be careful!

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      • OMG I didn’t even make that connection!! WOW… well isn’t it what he did by locking out all those people? And now he’s frightened and he’s running away.. not being a man and learning and facing it. I think he’s a liablitiy but I hope he can change. Now as for Beth.. I don’t know if its because its been a while but she seemed tougher before and seemed weaker with the hospital stuff. But maybe that’s just because she was always protected. Great ep dude!

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