The Power of Helping People and This Thankful Little Blogger

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Hi! I guess its about time I say thanks, huh?  This little blogger (5 ft 1 inch tall) has more to be thankful for than in any years past.  Of course you all know how thankful I am to have that little girl in my life (I think that goes without saying), but that little girl has changed this little grandma into something bigger than she ever thought she could be! That’s thankful on a whole different level.

Thanks to her I have more family and friends in my life than ever.  I have a busy little person who loves me more than anything.  I have dreams and goals I want to reach so she knows she can always reach her dreams and goals.  Thanks to her I have confidence like never before.  That’s crazy thanks.

But also, God has played a huge role in my life in the last year (well, he was doing it all along but now I’m onto him, heh heh) and brought me gifts that have given to me more than I ever knew the world could give me.  The biggest gift I got this year was The power of helping people.  The power of helping people gives you power, did you know that? The kind of power that makes every day, every event special to a degree you can’t imagine. Also I’m finding the more I give out the easier it gets! Helping others becomes ingrained in your being and before you know it you forget all about your selfish needs and problems and suddenly those needs and problems get solved too!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Many of you know when I picked my blog back up times were hard and life was a struggle, but I believed still in good things and change and had hope though many thought I was crazy (well I am crazy still).  I’m happy to say 5 months later life has a lot less struggles and I have so much more hope.  Today I can say no matter what the challenge that comes before me I will take it on and beat it down and be grateful for that opportunity.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

It’s so far from an easy thing to say and do and be.. it takes little steps day by day and an enormous amount of hidden strength and thick skin. But if you can survive the storm the flowers will bloom like you’ve never seen!  Yesterday I found out I am approved for that WIA Grant I wanted so bad and I am one step closer to my dream of finishing college at the college of my dreams, Northwestern, with the bachelor’s degree of my dreams, English with a Major in Writing.  That is only the beginning of this Beginning Life at 43 little bloggers dreams too!

So thanks to God, to my family and friends and I include all you fellow bloggers in that list of family and friends.  I hope where ever you are and who ever you celebrate with you stay hopeful, strong and steadfast to your dreams.  They will come true if you hang in there.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images







Family Portrait

Also I’m so thankful for my MAX!!


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