Team Arya, A Big Box and a Little Vacuum – More Crazy Laughing

Stunning babygirl

Stunning babygirl

(Originally posted 10/26/14.  Yes, I am working on the day after Thanksgiving but I’ll have some new crazy stories for you tomorrow. But this is a great one, and the next post scheduled for later today is a follow up so enjoy! Hope you are “boycotting Black Friday” today too!)

Its been quite a week for this blogger and her big box and little vacuum.  I began “Beginning My Life at 43” after my sons grew up and I became a single woman again. Then only a couple empty next years went by and I unexpectedly became a grandma. Neither I nor her parents were ready but nonetheless here she is. However there are issues with both her parents and I’m now part of an exclusive club made up of three grandmas we call Team Arya.  

Our mission is to see that this beloved child still grows up as normal and beautiful as she was the day she came into this world.  Though I have huge financial issues myself all I can think about is that I’m needed for Arya first and foremost, fighting off the voices around me who tell me to think of myself first. This Friday after an incident occurred I started to wonder if I’m the crazy one after all. Thank God after a great talk with one of my fellow team members I confirmed my sanity once again and that we, team Arya are all on the same page.  So through a crazy week where I had baby after work overnight starting Tuesday until Saturday I had these two objects representing my sanity and the blessings I do have.

The Big Box

Still would love to toss out bell tower

This is the Big Box.  It has been sitting in my office since I started at the church 4 years ago.  My predecessor of 24 years didn’t care much to throw things away. I did a mass half declutter once about a year into the job but wasn’t ready to make the fateful decisions 3 more years here I can. So during my kaotic week I got this sporadic burst of organizing and cleaning and it carried with me to the office.  As I was getting rid of more things there was this box. When I decided it had to go since I’d never used it and tried to open it, I couldn’t find the key to it. There was a key on top of it and behind it and neither worked.  There are actually keys scattered all over this office in drawers and closets and cabinets and on rings of church key sets and I scoured them but none fit (I even made a little box for all the different keys I found that day while hunting for the right one see top of box). When Pastor came in I asked him about it and he spent way to much time trying keys that didn’t work. Finally I told him to stop because he had a sermon to write.  However at one point his door opened and he hurried in with another key to try from his own box like this at home. It actually fit but wouldn’t turn!  I told Pastor I thought it might be fun if we went to the way top of the bell tower and dropped it out a window.  He didn’t bite though but said “we’ll just take a crowbar to it.” I just laughed and laughed and today it’s still sitting here unopened.

Tiny Little Vacuum

Tiny little vacuum actually worked good.

The little tiny vacuum came from my rock and friend for life Sharon who was over Friday night because I was kind of mess. She has been my savior in so many ways through all this. Also one of my best students (and teachers) as I’ve shared with her all I learn and share on here.   She came over with her son with food for me, some things for Arya and me to brighten us up and a vacuum she said she had when I’d told her mine broke and I can’t pay to fix it right now.  When she showed it too me I just laughed and laughed again (and so did she). It’s so little, just for us shorties I guess (I’m about 5’1 tall if you didn’t know). She said it had a handle but she couldn’t find it. I asked her if Arya was going to do the vacuuming, (it’s about time that baby did some work around here) and as I sat and looked at it while getting my head together while she cooked and enjoyed Arya I pictured myself vacuuming on my knees and laughed some more.

You may have a crazy life too or be surrounded by crazy but there is so much to laugh at if you don’t let the crazy get you.  If you find inanimate objects to laugh at, people to share those laughs with- some of those people you might not ever have thought you’d have so many laughs with and some you thought you’d never rekindle a childhood friendship and have it be even better today. But you can take what life gives you and you do the best you can with it and laugh too.

Now excuse me I have to find my kneepads so I can finally vacuum my apartment.  Have a great Sunday everyone and don’t forget Walking Dead tonight!

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,



A present for me Sharon brought over

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