What Was In That Big Box

IMG_6269(Originally posted 10/27/14.  I’m probably home from work and have a lot of housework to catch up on and a neighbor too feed. Hope you are still boycotting Black Friday.  Luckily I have no money to spend anyways so for me it was easy!  Enjoy this follow up to the other post I re-posted today!)

I’m happy to report I got that big box open, the one I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Team Arya and My Big Box and Little Vacuum. Today when preparing my work table for the Announcer folding (the link is the October issue so check to the church website after November 1st if you are curious -I changed the formatting finally as I’m getting even more creative through all this crazy) there was the box and I had to move it.  In a split second I decide to throw it on the floor and BAM just like that it opened.

As I took a picture to send Pastor (because its his day off today and he deserved to see this) I just laughed and laughed and laughed. It was that easy and of course what was inside of it made no sense whatsoever to keep in a locked box with no key. Nope, not a bit of sense, just crazy.

imageIn my wildest fantasies I saw money, assets, old things that I could sell to help me out in these desperate times (no not really I have no time to think that’s going to happen these days).  None to be found though but what I did find was three sets of dry erase pens, (I have no dry erase board to use them on nor a need for one) post it notepads (there are hundreds all over the office, I’ve never had to order any in 4 years and they still keep coming) an old Texas Instruments pocket calculator, (hmm, I wonder what that would go for on Ebay?) some owner’s manuals to old things that aren’t here anymore and a device wrapped in a note explaining that “the big piece is to be used if St. Peter’s turns the wall phone into a desktop unit.  The 2 smaller pieces are for the office phones if they are ever converted into wall units” dated 1/93.

Holy Cow is that just crazy or what?  And I just cannot stop laughing about it and I’m so glad for it. I’m sure there’s a lesson or message in here somewhere but all that comes to mind right now is that it’s just funny and crazy and laughing feels so good.

So I hope if nothing else I made you smile or laugh today, and that you keep letting the crazy come on and laugh at it too.  On the way to get my grand baby now!

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,

Me at work today.



21 thoughts on “What Was In That Big Box

  1. I too was wondering that there had to be something decent and/or useful in it and how long it was going to take to open it. I had to have a giggle imagining that someone thought it was a good idea to lock all that stuff up in a box =)

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    • Lol Donna! I was thinking “Great, now its going to sit here for another 3 years!” Well not anymore. Its going in the garbage. Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the stuff. I think at least the pens can be used like permanent markers. But some of the other things will also go with the box too.

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  2. Love that you had a good laugh! We all could use a little more of that 🙂
    Speaking of crazy, on my way to drop my son off at school yesterday…….we passed this chick who was on a run and had pulled her pants down and was taking a shit on the side of the road!!!! I was like omfg!!!! Now I have seen it all!!! I can’t get the image out of head. I want to keep a roll of toilet paper in my car and throw it at her next time I see her…..people are so frickin weird!

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    • LOLOL Now I just laughed again.. you poor thing! I’ll admit as runners (during races, usually) that happens to us, but we do it in a private place.. not on a side of the road! Maybe she really had to go idk but (lol I’m cracking up as I’m trying to type) wowsers. Well, you must be in for a crazy laugh filled week too. Thanks for the laughs gf.


      • Hey, I am a runner and that has never happened to me! Knock on wood! I would shit myself first before ever doing what she did – think of all the traumatized drive bys that will forever have that image ingrained forever! It was a good laugh for sure! Have a great week…. I’m busy w moving but we will catch up soon! 🙂

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    • How did I miss you were a runner? Well it happened to me once… actually lol!! At the last marathon I did… for the life of me I couldn’t go beforehand and so… well there was a tunnel and a big Stone guardrail and it was quick and I then I was gone.. and this is way TMI!!!! Good luck with your move. 🙂


      • Oh my!!!!! Well, I guess it’s more common than not! I run bc it’s the only sport I can do without having to be coordinated 😉
        No marathons yet though….
        Been down and out with a bug so behind on my packing. Glad you are having a great week my friend 🙂

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