Just Who is Bob from Staten Island?

Pastor and I have a running joke now- when we talk back and forth from our offices amid the chaos that the holiday season brings to a church, he’ll often bring up Bob from Long Island and make me double over with laughter. Its actually Staten Island and he gets them confused sometimes, lol. Funny how dumb things that happen can turn into moments of happy.


Pastor has a friend named Bob who called not long ago for him.  I took the message and he explained who it was later.  Now you should know we don’t get a whole lot of calls during the week at a church. Those that do call are either obviously sales people or obviously people in need of his help. Then the occasional personal call for either of us.  So a couple of weeks after his friend called another Bob called, asking for Pastor.  I said, “Oh is this his friend” and he said yes.  I’m pretty slick when it comes to knowing a sales call ploy to a personal call so I was pretty sure it was his friend again and I took his number.  It was from an unusual area code but I know we’ve added some around Illinois so I didn’t think much of it.

When Pastor arrived I gave him the message.  He was angrily perplexed by the number and said he did not know this person and wouldn’t be calling him back. He flat-out refused to call him and I was a little baffled by it because the guy sounded like someone who knew him. So I googled the phone number and it came up from Staten Island. I told him that and it seemed to frustrate him even more because he did not know any “Bob from Staten Island.” I said well maybe its someone from high school or something, so lost in the curiosity of just who was Bob from Staten Island.  I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t either.

Now, mind you Pastor is a very busy man at times but to make a 5 minute call wouldn’t be that hard into his day, at least not at the time this happened as we were still pre-holiday madness.  I wanted so bad to call back and pre-screen this guy, but I didn’t I stayed loyal to Pastor’s refusal to waste the money calling long distance might cost the church.  I had to laugh at his stubborn stance because hey, we all can dig our heels in the ground to make a point that is seemingly pointless and we should be allowed to.  I didn’t know what I was doing when I let that go but I can say for sure that’s why I did now.

So we never found out just who “Bob from Staten Island” was. Hey Bob, if you are out there Pastor is NEVER going to call you back so forget it.  But thanks because we laugh about it all the time now.

I’m really hoping one day he calls back when Pastor is there. If he was a salesman, I think he needs to switch careers.  If he’s an old friend, I think he needs to write a letter.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,


A 1 1


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