You are Not Living by Human Laws

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

If we aren’t living by human laws, then whose laws are we living by?


These days it seems like the more I do for others the less time I have for me. On the surface, anyways. Isn’t that what everyone says? But each time I find time for me lately I almost invariably want to fill it up with things to do. Some are planned and necessary like chores and errands, but other come up sporadically and on the surface seem like I’m just fixing someone else’s problems and not taking care of me, just when I planned to sit around and catch up on TV or write a blog or surf the net and take care of me my way.

I just got time off, the grand baby is on a little vacation with her mommy and her other grandma.  I want to do nothing but what I want, because I need to relax.

But do I need to relax?  When I relax I can’t really relax, because there is too much to do.  Because I want to do so much now!  Who cares about relaxing.

  • That problem a friend had one morning that I helped her through turned out to be the change in her relationship thought never before could happen. Then I learned something out of it too.. that change can happen sometimes in relationships, when it seems impossible.
  • That Friday night I wanted to stay home after working all week but my friend dragged me out with her daughter and her friend turned out to be a wonderful memorable total blast.
  • All the extra time I have with my grand baby when I could be at the gym? I have a special bond, friendship and love with that little girl. I get to see all her new movements, sounds, sights and growth all the time.  Wow to think I miss my favorite shows for that!
  • I volunteered to take video tonight at the Advent Dinner at the church I work at. I could be staying home watching all the TV shows I miss.  But I have no doubt I will have fun, get great video and grow closer to these people I cherish that are around me. Well I always have Hulu to fall back on someday.

Just a few examples from my everyday life these days.

1965585_912210732146183_8343105074028473120_oA year ago I didn’t get this attitude and thought that I never would.  But I get that on another level today – when they say “Life is about Living” and in that quote I began this post with –  I’m here to say I know now every word is true. You can’t live sitting on a couch or behind a computer, that’s not where the life entertainment can really be found.  I’m not saying don’t take time out for yourself.. those things are fun, but there’s so much more than the mere act of helping someone else that you will gain for yourself. Past the pain and hurt of the past mistakes, there is another level of goodness and strength that makes that pain feel impenetrable.

You CAN expect miracles and life gratification beyond anything else.  To have not only your needs met but exceeded.

You are NOT living by human laws.

What an interesting thing to point out that I know now is truth.  So I say to you, keep going on the path  you know to be true.  You will fall off it a hundred times I promise.  Just get back on that path even limping. Live for life, for people, for goodness and life will give you exactly that.


Hope you are having a great Sunday!  I’m cooking soup again (beef with barley and mushrooms yum!!)

I have a lot planned on this my only day off and part of me still wants to go sit on the couch.

And now, the service begins.

Love, Encouragement and Blessings,



Any questions, perspective, and comments are warmly welcomed.. I swear! Good and bad, its about growing and learning and getting better. I'd love to hear your thoughts, anytime. ;)

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