And Now the Service Begins

IMG_6886A phrase ripped right from the new bulletin I read every Sunday as I now attend regularly the church I was baptized in. Coming home again, I found such a comfort and connection with the people here I had to stay because I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else with such warm souls.


While they are very small congregationally speaking, the Priest that heads it all is very good with keeping that church thriving. Besides being a Priest she’s got a doctorate in law. She is also a woman (if you didn’t catch all the she references) and her sermons are the ones I’ve been looking for all my life- she relates the world today with the world then and makes it understandable.  She even has a favorite Testament! Not sure if I agree with favoring Testaments (still making up my mind heh heh) nonetheless her penchant for the wars and reality of it- her love of the bible as she sees it, relate to me wholly.  That was what was lacking in my head most of my religious life that I’ve found as of late.

So at the end of the bulletin she always puts a jpg that reads:

“And Now

the Service Begins”

When I caught that at the end of the second mass I attended I really laughed out loud and dug it.  So was thinking about sometimes adding it into my usual post closing and I just wanted you all to know where it came from, what it means and why its so special.

Really, right after we just went through a whole service, she says “the service begins?” But it just ended I thought…Huh?

IMG_6888Why YES, that is exactly right.  Our service to God AND ourselves begins the moment we step out of the sanctuary that recharges us for the week ahead. Those five little words stand for exactly that. Serving people IS what God wants but not because other people need it – I mean that’s only half of it.  The other half is WE need it.  We need to have a distraction from our lives so that we stop obsessing about them. We need to connect with others and take gratification in the selfless act of giving.. real gratification that doesn’t come with a fight sometime down the line. Or regret that you could have done something more worthwhile in that time you gave up of yours. That is an entirely possible state to be in, with some practice.

So I say to all of you this Monday morning,

“and now, the service begins.”

Think about that as you begin another week of the usual bump and grind.

I wish you a plethora of blessings and good things as a result of your service.

Love, Blessings and Encouragement,



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