Mom’s Pond and the Slaughter of the Innocent

(Originally Posted 8/15/14. Happy Sunday, enjoy!)

Good Morning!

Getting ready for my morning run, but wanted to share my mom’s beautiful pond with you.  It’s a magical little place, filled with wonder, beauty… and mass destruction.

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The Bitter Battle for Control (and how everything can be a weapon)

Wow.. if you think this is all about the Matrix (an awesome movie though) you’d be wrong, and right. Still I love the cool pictures and gifs, but no folks.. this is such an even more epic battle as this father spends some quality time with his son and not the NBA. I’m really impressed Ben and not the least bit bitter. I got such a great laugh and I hope you will check out his blog and try not to laugh to hard at this amazing post!

Ben's Bitter Blog

The Bitter Battle for ControlThe Bitter Battle for Control

I’m a longtime fan of action movies. Some people like action movies for the explosions or the tension, or the unbelievability of it all.  While those are all good things, especially the unbelievability of them, it’s the individual fight scenes between two fairly even opponents that fascinates me.  That is what most action movies seem to forget.  Fans like me want to be able to see a significant fight between the protagonist and the antagonist.  There have been a few standouts in action movie history in my mind.  There was John McClane vs. Karl.  While Hans Gruber was the main nemesis, it was Karl who physically gave John McClane a run for his money.  Then there was the mathematically equal match of Neo and Agent Smith in the Matrix.  There was Sean Archer and Castor Troy in Face/Off.

I’ve been teaching my son to fight since he…

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Why Waste Good Ice?

I LOVE IT!! What do you say, lets fight for all of us suffering PMS, one beer at a time.

Nothing against ALS but the whole Ice Bucket thing is getting way too played out and I haven’t even done it yet and have been challenged twice!

Then today I saw this… <3.  Lol there are lots of them, all over YouTube.  Ahh, very cute and very creative.  Silly men, they can be clever can’t they.  XOXOXO

Chug one for me fellas, and please, I love a challenge, tag me!



Breaking Mundane

The world can be a really neat place sometimes.  You just got to take a a break and look around and see what’s going on.

Everybody needs a break from the mundane now and again, and my normal is pretty mundane. Today was definitely breaking mundane (like that, lol? I just thought of it). You know, it can get the mind thinking and the creativity going.  Heh Heh.. and I’d say that it did.

Here’s the rest of my unmundane day….

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The Crazy that Surrounds Me

How on EARTH am I suppose to get any work done when all this is going on around me? They are setting up for the famous Skokie Backlot Bash.  I love my community!! Happy Friday.. I will have more.. I cannot help it its too fun! Hopefully I won’t get in trouble. Hope its a great day 🙂

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Friends: My Werid Twin

Friendship Day has inspired me. 

A Me and my Werid Twin production

I wasn’t always so “friendly” or surrounded by so many real friends, like I can say I am today.   As I learned to love myself, I could let people in further without risk of getting hurt.  I also eliminated “friends” that brought me down, or made me feel bad when I was around them.  You have to do that.  Things like no expectations, as well as other “life rules” I’ve learned, help keep my friendships strong, growing and mostly pain-free. Running with friends still hurts sometimes though, lol.

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