Another week goes by as life persists on sucking summer out of the way to make room for back-to-school items

Hope it was a Happy Friendship Day for you yesterday. I’d like to tell a truth.

I did run a few times this week, but my heart and desire for it are no where near where they should be. A lot has happened to me since the marathon.   Just when you get to the place where you finally think nothing can touch you, something will come, touch you, then knock you the hell off your pedestal.

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Did you sweat today?

Off to a great start to the weekend… did 6 miles, and I’m increasing my speed.  Marathon countdown continues…

 Its hell to keep going everyday.. to stay committed to it, but it sure does feel good afterwords…sweat mixed with major endorphins..yummy!


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Sockin’ it to McDonalds

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home today?

No not him, well yes he was but that’s not what I meant.  Got a package in the mail today!  One of the best parts about your kids growing up and moving away is the extra money you find yourself left with at the end of the month.  No more “allowance”, gas money or lunch money.  No one else is eating all the food out of your fridge, laundry costs are cheaper and even utility bills drop.  It is a  whole new world for me to be able to buy things I might want for myself and not feel selfish about it.

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Run, anyone?


Five days a week since I started running, I get up early to be able to get in a good run.  Since my last injury (sprained ankle then plantar fasciitis, which I still have in my right foot) and the extreme heat, I haven’t gotten to my stride yet.  I was almost at 11-12 miles per run before the injury back in May.  Also I should mention Max got bit by another dog and injured his paw, so I also sat out during that time hoping and praying he’d be able to run again.

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So you say you’re not a runner…

I was never an athletic kid… some might find that hard to believe not knowing me very long but it’s true.  I was a very active kid, considering, I climbed trees, rode bikes, roller skated, got down and dirty in the mud… but I never understood all that athletic/competition stuff.

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When you are an early bird, getting up late can really throw you off.

I ditched church in favor of a long run today, I’m not proud of it but I’m usually so time crunched in the morning it is nice to be able to fool around once in a while.  Sadly I fooled around until 11 am, then went running with Max until 1 PM, and then began my day.

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