You are Not Living by Human Laws

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

If we aren’t living by human laws, then whose laws are we living by?

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Just Who is Bob from Staten Island?

Pastor and I have a running joke now- when we talk back and forth from our offices amid the chaos that the holiday season brings to a church, he’ll often bring up Bob from Long Island and make me double over with laughter. Its actually Staten Island and he gets them confused sometimes, lol. Funny how dumb things that happen can turn into moments of happy. Continue reading

Who do I call? La Mama, of course!

I had to reblog this beautiful story by this amazing blogger mom. Though living a world away literally and figuratively- a mother filled with the very same passionate love. Loved your story Estelea, thanks for sharing it!

Estelea's Blog

Today’s prompt:  Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose — and would you make the same choice today?

by Mandy Schmidt by Mandy Schmidt

The answer to this question was almost a surprise to my own self. Me, the independent, fierce traveller, justneedairtobreath kind of girl did not even think twice when asked who I would call when faced a difficult situation !

I would call Ma Maman. It took us a while before we really became friends. I guess I am not this conventional daughter she would have dreamt of. While all my classmates were having the kind of life that would make their Mum proud (= get married and find a stable job, preferably as a civil servant), I was driving my Land Cruiser among mine fields in Sudan…

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What Was In That Big Box

IMG_6269(Originally posted 10/27/14.  I’m probably home from work and have a lot of housework to catch up on and a neighbor too feed. Hope you are still boycotting Black Friday.  Luckily I have no money to spend anyways so for me it was easy!  Enjoy this follow up to the other post I re-posted today!)

I’m happy to report I got that big box open, the one I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Team Arya and My Big Box and Little Vacuum. Today when preparing my work table for the Announcer folding (the link is the October issue so check to the church website after November 1st if you are curious -I changed the formatting finally as I’m getting even more creative through all this crazy) there was the box and I had to move it.  In a split second I decide to throw it on the floor and BAM just like that it opened.

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Team Arya, A Big Box and a Little Vacuum – More Crazy Laughing

Stunning babygirl

Stunning babygirl

(Originally posted 10/26/14.  Yes, I am working on the day after Thanksgiving but I’ll have some new crazy stories for you tomorrow. But this is a great one, and the next post scheduled for later today is a follow up so enjoy! Hope you are “boycotting Black Friday” today too!)

Its been quite a week for this blogger and her big box and little vacuum.  I began “Beginning My Life at 43” after my sons grew up and I became a single woman again. Then only a couple empty next years went by and I unexpectedly became a grandma. Neither I nor her parents were ready but nonetheless here she is. However there are issues with both her parents and I’m now part of an exclusive club made up of three grandmas we call Team Arya.   Continue reading