Its a Sunshine Day – or- A Very Arya Post

Me and my babygirl

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 9/24/14.  Enjoy!)

It’s been a Very Arya Week, filled with the sunshine that radiates blindingly from this being I call part of me. Its astonishing, bearing witness to this creature grow.  Also, very astonishing in that the Bradys’ didn’t die last night, at least not here at Beginning Life at 43. Can I get a Sha Na Na for that one? 😉

So, guess what a Grand mom blogger does sometimes when she is not posting?  Well, I’m gonna tell ya or even better I’m gonna slide show ya. Everyone needs one and funny; the pictures I took came out best to show that way i.e. completely unplanned.  I’m grateful for that.  Here’s some highlights from the last couple days, in Grandma Laura’s unique way.

Are you ready for some Arya?

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Get the F Back Up- You Are Beholden

You know- on a day I wished would never come I want to say this: we all have problems in life- we get knocked down so hard it’s unimaginable to fathom getting back up. So wtf do you do??? Get back the f up and rock this world and the people you are beholden to, damn it. And I will- there are no conditions my love is subject to. – Laura Maria Olson,Oct, 2014 Continue reading