Don’t Sweat the Small Ones

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I don’t know why when I see a parent “sweating the small ones” it bothers me so, but it does.  Maybe because I did it once upon a time myself and now know how unnecessary it is and wish they wouldn’t. Maybe its because whatever the kid is doing cracks me up and anything that makes me laugh that much can’t be all bad.  I don’t know.

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A Very Busy Grandma Laura Tosses Popcorn

Hi Everyone!!  I’ve been on grandma duty for 6 days in a row, and today is the first day I am not.  So later I’m going to catch you all up on my misadventures as the holidays approach. I am so in need of writing!  But for now, I HAD to share this great little video I did last night of my grandbaby.  I’ve never in my life seen her laugh so hard.

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A Night in the Life Of

Hello all! If you think this little blogger has wild and exciting nights, and trying to take a family portrait with a on-the-verge toddler and jealous dog is your idea of a wild and exciting night, then you’d be correct!


A Family Portrait.. yeah right!

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Bright Spots in Darkness and Lemonade in a World filled with Lemons

 (Originally posted 10/16/14.  Happy Sunday afternoon!)

I answered a comment today from a follower who had posted a few days ago with questions such as if I was still “Beginning my life at 43” or if life had beat me down (in a nutshell). Apparently she doesn’t seem to see my posts anymore though I have done not much different just been a little busy with the life that has hit me.A matchy matchy grandma and babygirl

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My “Souper Lost Weekend” – More Giving, Getting and Great Things in Little Packages

Oh you so know I had to show off the costume pic once more lol!

Oh you so know I had to show off the costume pic once more lol!

As SuperLaura continues her evolution, its only fitting I have a “Souper” weekend, huh?  Funny though unplanned everyday I see more and more the connections and how things all seem to fit together.  Giving it all to God then giving to others and gifts are given back to me. The story of my life – or my beginning life at 43 I suppose.  As I continue to share it all with you it only further continues to help me get even better. So thanks for reading my posts and being my blogger friends too. I keep meeting and growing from so many of you who are just like me, its incredible, wouldn’t you say?  Heh heh.. okay, and now on to the “Souper Lost Weekend.” Continue reading


Get the F Back Up- You Are Beholden

You know- on a day I wished would never come I want to say this: we all have problems in life- we get knocked down so hard it’s unimaginable to fathom getting back up. So wtf do you do??? Get back the f up and rock this world and the people you are beholden to, damn it. And I will- there are no conditions my love is subject to. – Laura Maria Olson,Oct, 2014 Continue reading