Hanging with Grand Baby

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 10/22/2014.  Enjoy!)

Among other things tonight we learned we can twirl a baton and we aren’t even one years old yet (grand moms been showing off one of my underrated skills) and I guess she’s caught on because she’s already doing it!


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My Youngest Son Jim & Oldest Friend Sharon and my 15 Minutes

Jim, g'mas birthday

Jim and his girl Steph, together for 4 yrs, at Mom’s Birthday Party, 9/21/14

(Originally posted 9/22/2014. Happy Friday everyone!)

My younger son Jim is 22 now since June. He and I were always in it together and he’s going to hate me saying he was a mommy’s boy but he was.  I knew though when to back off as my job changed when females entered his life and I know got it right. Today I saw for certain that whatever happens in our lives, I raised a good boy into a good man and we will both be okay. He though only 22 is a man I’m proud to say I raised on my own.  No prejudices quite frankly.

August 2014, Sharon and Me

My friend Sharon is a friend since we were very little. We rekindled a life long trouble-making duo (that I was the catalyst, she along for the ride), not too long ago after a a long time passed. Today I can say for certain she’s one of the truest friends I’ve ever known.  That she is a woman on her way and I’m lucky to be party to it. No prejudices quite frankly.

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Get the F Back Up- You Are Beholden

You know- on a day I wished would never come I want to say this: we all have problems in life- we get knocked down so hard it’s unimaginable to fathom getting back up. So wtf do you do??? Get back the f up and rock this world and the people you are beholden to, damn it. And I will- there are no conditions my love is subject to. – Laura Maria Olson,Oct, 2014 Continue reading