A Very Busy Grandma Laura Tosses Popcorn

Hi Everyone!!  I’ve been on grandma duty for 6 days in a row, and today is the first day I am not.  So later I’m going to catch you all up on my misadventures as the holidays approach. I am so in need of writing!  But for now, I HAD to share this great little video I did last night of my grandbaby.  I’ve never in my life seen her laugh so hard.

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You are Not Living by Human Laws

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

If we aren’t living by human laws, then whose laws are we living by?

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A Night in the Life Of

Hello all! If you think this little blogger has wild and exciting nights, and trying to take a family portrait with a on-the-verge toddler and jealous dog is your idea of a wild and exciting night, then you’d be correct!


A Family Portrait.. yeah right!

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The Lack of Uplifting and Uniting Women in 2014. What is our problem ladies?

(Originally posted 9/10/14.  Was talking with the OG last night and she hadn’t seen this post yet (Other Grandma) so I had to make sure I reposted it.  It really goes well with my entire weekend theme that I didn’t plan on here heh heh. Enjoy friends!)

We do not yet live in a world where women stand united completely. No, we do not. In fact, we are still so far from it and living in 2014. Come on ladies, get it together.

I have been wanting to write this article for years as its gone around and around in my head. Since I restarted this blog it was on my draft list, but left idle as the message I wanted to convey didn’t come into focus as clearly as some others have. However after something I experienced yesterday when interacting with one of my favorite young bloggers and budding authors, I forced myself to sit down and write it today. Whether or not the message comes across in the perfect way I want it to, I must at least begin planting the seeds and hope somehow readers get it and by some stroke of luck we start making real changes. Continue reading

Just Who are the People Your Neighborhood? A Monday Motivation

Do you know your neighbors or your neighborhood? Does my title make you want to sing a little Mr. Rogers (if you are old enough to know him – my very first “neighbor”).  Well I have a great story to tell you about my neighborhood and a few of the houses and neighbors met and not yet met.

Okay now what crazy thing have you gotten me into Grandma?

A couple weeks back I was walking the grandbaby on a warm October day when I remembered this house.  This house belongs to this man who was always very friendly when Max and I would walk by, even though Max would relive himself too often in this secret garden. Oh and there’s more, besides what I would come to find out much later which is that is this man is also the caretaker in the cemetery for the church I work for. Though I had never met our cemetery caretaker its kind of a separate entity and also not behind the church but a few blocks away. If you think his home is a  garden wonder, you ought to see the cemetery. I might not be a United Church of Christ member (I’m actually Episcopal) but I’d definitely rest in peace there.  But this is where he lives. Continue reading

My “Souper Lost Weekend” – More Giving, Getting and Great Things in Little Packages

Oh you so know I had to show off the costume pic once more lol!

Oh you so know I had to show off the costume pic once more lol!

As SuperLaura continues her evolution, its only fitting I have a “Souper” weekend, huh?  Funny though unplanned everyday I see more and more the connections and how things all seem to fit together.  Giving it all to God then giving to others and gifts are given back to me. The story of my life – or my beginning life at 43 I suppose.  As I continue to share it all with you it only further continues to help me get even better. So thanks for reading my posts and being my blogger friends too. I keep meeting and growing from so many of you who are just like me, its incredible, wouldn’t you say?  Heh heh.. okay, and now on to the “Souper Lost Weekend.” Continue reading


Get the F Back Up- You Are Beholden

You know- on a day I wished would never come I want to say this: we all have problems in life- we get knocked down so hard it’s unimaginable to fathom getting back up. So wtf do you do??? Get back the f up and rock this world and the people you are beholden to, damn it. And I will- there are no conditions my love is subject to. – Laura Maria Olson,Oct, 2014 Continue reading