Why I’ll Never Forget The Breakfast Club

Today when I went into work I found Pastor had left me an article from the Chicago Tribune on a movie that defined my generation- that is Generation X.  Its the 3010993471_10202828550949443_5730713093598669111_nth anniversary of the movie this year and apparently they will be re-releasing it on the big screen.  As I read the article I had tears in my eyes and that forever immortalized song “Don’t You Forget About Me” in my head.  No, I won’t ever forget; the movie, The Breakfast Club, or John Hughes the writer and director, or anything about that movie.  It was so close to home for me, in so many ways.

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FACEBOOK- Liking Pages as Your Page

Beginning Life at 43 Facebook Page

This is my Facebook “Beginninglifeat43.com” Page. https://www.facebook.com/BeginningLifeAt43

Hi Fellow Friends and Bloggers,

LIKE MY PAGE AS YOUR PAGE! Note: this is NOT a shameless plug at self-promotion on Facebook.

I wanted to share a tip that I’ve given out to those I’ve connected with not only here, but that have Facebook accounts and also pages, that may not know of this option.  I have been on Facebook for 5 years as an individual and also have a page for my blog.. and we can help each other so much not only by “Liking” each other’s pages, but by “Liking” them AS OUR PAGE.  Yes, you can do that.  It’s also IMPERATIVE that you list your page under all your other social media buttons, not just a “Like” button for the article (Confused? Don’t worry, I included some very simple pictures). The side widget won’t do it.

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