Don’t Sweat the Small Ones

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I don’t know why when I see a parent “sweating the small ones” it bothers me so, but it does.  Maybe because I did it once upon a time myself and now know how unnecessary it is and wish they wouldn’t. Maybe its because whatever the kid is doing cracks me up and anything that makes me laugh that much can’t be all bad.  I don’t know.

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A Sign I Do Not Need To Look For

(Original postdate 9/27/14. Even today the sign hangs, and the post so much more meaningful than ever. Also goes nicely with today’s new post “Getting Lost While Finding Perspective.” Enjoy!)

My front door as it looks today with my first sign on it. Its all me and what I’m about but also about so much more. This sign represents he power of true selfless friendship, good people surrounding you and the continuing miracles I’m witnessing daily while I smilingly struggle through the harder times life can bring to us now and then.

A sign worthy of this bloggers front door

A sign worthy of this bloggers front door and all she stands for.

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Gaining More While Helping People While Living in a Pigsty

Showing this queen in training how to wave down to her followers. She is a natural, but we knew that.

If you are too busy to help someone you will miss out on helping yourself.

You will never see that spark that confirms you are doing the right thing.  The more you think of yourself the less your self will grow. I don’t care if they say you have to walk all over everyone to get to the gold. I have it, know how to get it and I don’t ever have walk on anyone. Yes, that is what I’m here to declare today this beautiful “Indian Summer” fall Sunday in Illinois. Forget your job, house, dishes, laundry – it will all be there after this post.  Pull up a chair and listen, because this is big. Continue reading

A Day of Celebration Like No Other

My Mom, Dad, sister and me, 2013

Today is my mom’s birthday.  I won’t say how old she is (for my own protection, heh heh), only that she gets all the senior discounts and has for some time now. 😉 It is a birthday celebration like no other before. Continue reading