My Tire Slashed by a Freak But Otherwise A Great Weekend

Wow, what a look- um weeine anyone (the one in yellow about to drop)! Go to: and type in Glosser to see more. Its the 2014 Chicago Marathon for your reference.

Well hi there all, did you have a great weekend?  I did for the most part except for the freak tire slashing part, which I will most definitely get too. But first I had to share this amazing finish the jerk Christopher Glosser, the one who left me stranded after the marathon (aka tire slasher) that I’ve told you about. You must view his expression online close up. Its got to be one of the top 10 stupidest looks on someone’s face after finishing a race ever. Continue reading


So I say to you… Why bother?

Wow, its been a weird kind of exciting day today and I didn’t think I was gonna be able to post anything later tonight.. (plus I was up late so I’ve kind of been zoned all day.  But I think that was for the best, considering).

Found this on “The Single Woman”‘s FB Page.  wow.. what is even the point?

Thanks Single Woman you rock.

A bser

Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

I used to believe that.  It used to be true.

Before you start reading this, please know this is a detour from my normal posts, and really directed at one person.  I’ve been really bothered lately and I’m getting sick of trying to ignore it, so I’m going to do what I do and write about it– I hope it helps.

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