Sunday Bloody Sunday ~ a little liquid motivation

Hmmm, do you think I’d put back all the calories I just burned on my long run with this one drink? Well, I’ll burn them off tomorrow.  Get out there and do something you wouldn’t normally today, okay?  And have fun.  Every little bit gets you closer.

Happy Sunday.



Geeking out on Saturday night

There’s something to be said for Karma. I’m pretty broke, but one day not long ago a good friend gave me this digital TV. It’s my very first.

Tonight I finally found time and hooked it to my computer. (Been kinda busy lol). I have no cable and borrowed on luck internet, so shows limited to little laptop. Now just need a longer HDMI.


 I must say as a typical 70’s TV kid it’s a brain disconnect moment connecting a tv to a computer.

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