What Was In That Big Box

IMG_6269(Originally posted 10/27/14.  I’m probably home from work and have a lot of housework to catch up on and a neighbor too feed. Hope you are still boycotting Black Friday.  Luckily I have no money to spend anyways so for me it was easy!  Enjoy this follow up to the other post I re-posted today!)

I’m happy to report I got that big box open, the one I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Team Arya and My Big Box and Little Vacuum. Today when preparing my work table for the Announcer folding (the link is the October issue so check to the church website after November 1st if you are curious -I changed the formatting finally as I’m getting even more creative through all this crazy) there was the box and I had to move it.  In a split second I decide to throw it on the floor and BAM just like that it opened.

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A Night in the Life Of

Hello all! If you think this little blogger has wild and exciting nights, and trying to take a family portrait with a on-the-verge toddler and jealous dog is your idea of a wild and exciting night, then you’d be correct!


A Family Portrait.. yeah right!

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The Bitter Battle for Control (and how everything can be a weapon)

Wow.. if you think this is all about the Matrix (an awesome movie though) you’d be wrong, and right. Still I love the cool pictures and gifs, but no folks.. this is such an even more epic battle as this father spends some quality time with his son and not the NBA. I’m really impressed Ben and not the least bit bitter. I got such a great laugh and I hope you will check out his blog and try not to laugh to hard at this amazing post!

Ben's Bitter Blog

The Bitter Battle for ControlThe Bitter Battle for Control

I’m a longtime fan of action movies. Some people like action movies for the explosions or the tension, or the unbelievability of it all.  While those are all good things, especially the unbelievability of them, it’s the individual fight scenes between two fairly even opponents that fascinates me.  That is what most action movies seem to forget.  Fans like me want to be able to see a significant fight between the protagonist and the antagonist.  There have been a few standouts in action movie history in my mind.  There was John McClane vs. Karl.  While Hans Gruber was the main nemesis, it was Karl who physically gave John McClane a run for his money.  Then there was the mathematically equal match of Neo and Agent Smith in the Matrix.  There was Sean Archer and Castor Troy in Face/Off.

I’ve been teaching my son to fight since he…

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A Happy Ending to a Happy Birthday

It was a great birthday party with a happy ending too.

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I Love a Good Storm

a15It’s scary you know!  Bad things can happen.. even alien ships could be hiding in those big clouds you never know.  😉  Well, we haven’t had many thunderstorms this year.  We’ve had a strange summer here in the greater Chicagoland of Illinois.  But this one was a good one cause my house got dark fast.  I went to my windows and here is what I saw.


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We Were Just Going to See a Band Tonight

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Not sure what I was expecting, or even if I wanted to go out, when we went to see this fun band I blogged about seeing couple years back.  My friend had been here before, but I hadn’t gone to any of the new casino places in Rosemont Des Plaines since it was built (nor had I any desire), till tonight, I guess.  When we finally parked, walked, got a drink and settled in a spot, I looked around and thought I’d entered The Twilight Zone.   Continue reading