Marathon Healing – The Surreal Days Since

Its been a pretty rough few days but I’m getting back in the swing of things ever so slowly literally and figuratively, as I try to heal.  It was a nice surprise to see these pictures today and that I’m smiling in most of them and I didn’t wear the pain on my face my body was feeling throughout most of the race.

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Show your true colors..!

This wonderful blogger Monica, reached out to me today with her post, that she felt would help aid me through my day, and she was so right. So I share with you and hope you will follow her too. I got through this day, and hope to wake up to feeling a bit better tomorrow because of all the people that do, really care, in this world. Goodnight from Illinois.

One step each day

Allow me to start todays post with a video from a live performance of a greek singer. I know many do not know her nor do you understand the lyrics. However, the body language is universal. In this short video what we see is a performer overwhelmed by her feelings when she sees/realises that the spectators of her concert are singing her song from the very beginning till the very end. We can see her excitement from the very first moment, her movements, her sparkling eyes…as the video advances, her emotions multiply and she ends up sharing tears of joy! She is living the moment, a moment that I am sure she will never forget. She did not hold back. She jumped into it. She went for it. She did not fear to show a lot, or too little. She WAS THERE!

This is what all of us need to…

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