What Was In That Big Box

IMG_6269(Originally posted 10/27/14.  I’m probably home from work and have a lot of housework to catch up on and a neighbor too feed. Hope you are still boycotting Black Friday.  Luckily I have no money to spend anyways so for me it was easy!  Enjoy this follow up to the other post I re-posted today!)

I’m happy to report I got that big box open, the one I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Team Arya and My Big Box and Little Vacuum. Today when preparing my work table for the Announcer folding (the link is the October issue so check to the church website after November 1st if you are curious -I changed the formatting finally as I’m getting even more creative through all this crazy) there was the box and I had to move it.  In a split second I decide to throw it on the floor and BAM just like that it opened.

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So Life Sucks… Find the Love and Fun Around You and Live Anyways

(Originally Posted 7/25/14.  I had such a great time with Arya’s mommy just us three and I want her to know how much I love her exactly how she is, including her snakes, lizards and especially her babygirl. She took many of the pics in this post and is such a gifted talented photographer and artist.  If you’d like to see more please visit her Facebook Page Jordyn Veronique Art.  When life sucks and people let you down, just read this post and know how amazing you are!!  So grateful you are in my life, I love you Jordyn!)

Love to dance and so does she!

So its crystal clear to all of you… my life is far from perfect.  I’ve only “begun” to live my best life.  Constantly still making mistakes, even now, but learning and growing can’t happen without them.  There are problems, lots of them.  Some within control, and some – not somuch. But what I CAN control how I let those things affect me.  Can you tell this girls’ been through the ringer, let down unbelievably bad by someone she truly believed in (yes today!), and really, completely feel clueless?  Ha, well its true.  Ya, even though still kinda devastatedly shocked, I’ve still got love in my life and damn it I’m gonna live.  Everything isn’t exactly where it should be yet, but still going in the right direction.

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Mom’s Pond and the Slaughter of the Innocent

(Originally Posted 8/15/14. Happy Sunday, enjoy!)

Good Morning!

Getting ready for my morning run, but wanted to share my mom’s beautiful pond with you.  It’s a magical little place, filled with wonder, beauty… and mass destruction.

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I Prefer A Pink Tuesday

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 8/6/2014.  Enjoy!)

I had a very Pink Tuesday, thank you.  I hadn’t seen my best buddy in a week and one whole day.  I think that’s way past the longest we’ve gone without each other. Her mommy has had a busy schedule, and I’m glad for that, cause they need to conquer the world.  But I was jonesing for my pink sidekick, and I got a great fix today. Here’s more of our colorful day.

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The Bitter Battle for Control (and how everything can be a weapon)

Wow.. if you think this is all about the Matrix (an awesome movie though) you’d be wrong, and right. Still I love the cool pictures and gifs, but no folks.. this is such an even more epic battle as this father spends some quality time with his son and not the NBA. I’m really impressed Ben and not the least bit bitter. I got such a great laugh and I hope you will check out his blog and try not to laugh to hard at this amazing post!

Ben's Bitter Blog

The Bitter Battle for ControlThe Bitter Battle for Control

I’m a longtime fan of action movies. Some people like action movies for the explosions or the tension, or the unbelievability of it all.  While those are all good things, especially the unbelievability of them, it’s the individual fight scenes between two fairly even opponents that fascinates me.  That is what most action movies seem to forget.  Fans like me want to be able to see a significant fight between the protagonist and the antagonist.  There have been a few standouts in action movie history in my mind.  There was John McClane vs. Karl.  While Hans Gruber was the main nemesis, it was Karl who physically gave John McClane a run for his money.  Then there was the mathematically equal match of Neo and Agent Smith in the Matrix.  There was Sean Archer and Castor Troy in Face/Off.

I’ve been teaching my son to fight since he…

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My Dorky Moments in Life


Tphoto 1 (4)rue story!  This ACTUALLY happened to me, today!  Okay.. so I decide to take my laptop outside cause I need to get a tan (but the sun is in the yard now damn it) but as I decide this I’m worried about whether I can see the screen cause I think I tried it once before and couldn’t and that’s why I don’t do it normally (the sun was so nice I so want to get tan). Continue reading