Monday Motivation- Cross Train When You’re Struggling

I ran today!

I ran today!

(Original Post Date 7-21-14.  Reposted not just because its Monday, but because I went back into training mode again today.  That means running, working out, eating right and staying away from the bad stuff.. well maybe a little wine because it has resveratrol (omg I think I was calling it rohypnol, lol, big diff n maybe I should rethink the wine) Well ANYWAYS reading it today helped motivate me to go out into the freezing cold this morning and run and I feel great because I did.  Happy Monday Motivation! You can get right back on the horse too!)

Me cheering on two of my best gf's- after their first 10K!  They rocked it, of course.

Me cheering on two of my best gf’s- after their first 10K! They rocked it, of course.

When I first started learning running it took many months just to be able to run long periods without stopping – and to learn to breathe properly.  I started by running 20 seconds at a time (I’d count, in my head) while running with my dog Max. Then I’d feel like my heart was gonna explode!  It was actually all about exercising him (if I never mentioned that before), since we have a tiny yard and no dog run.  Gradually, seconds became minutes, minutes became a half hour, etc.  For the first year all I did was count seconds, omg… I got up to ohh thousands (the insanity of that –I look back on now).  Hey, I didn’t have an MP3 player yet- and my Discman (omg haven’t seen that word in a while), while great for skates was a bit bulky for running.  Anyways, for a long time, it was “fake it till I make it”. You just keep pushing through the crap days and weeks.. and then one day, the breathing kicked in, the body was strong and I got that high, that distance and felt what running was all about.

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What if someone said…



apsire 10Would you?  Go anywhere, at the drop of a  hat? There was a time when I would of been afraid- even paralyzed by the idea.  Surely not up for going out, let alone anywhere.

😉  Today, all I remember of that time is that I was afraid.  I want to go anywhere and everywhere they’ll let me in.  Its now or never.  Live.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?  Why?

Low Cycle on the Rollercoaster Tonight

wk me 2Moving on can be very  hard…  why is it I only want to clean my house when I have less than an hour to get ready to go out for the night?  Why do I have to face such a busy street, and be forced to watch cars, resembling that car, pass by, every 30 seconds, but I know without a doubt none of those are the one anyways?

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