Remind Me To Stay Motiviated

Okay so I’m going about my day and then BAMM! Something hits me so hard I have to pause and stop and celebrate. Here’s what it is:

WOO HOO! So excited for this movie. So I had to share this old post on such an occasion.  The occasion being finally the redemption of Sarah Connor (I think that should be its subtitle!!). If I didn’t mention it, I’m a movie freak.. in particular Sci-fi.  This series is one of my all time favorites.. and Arnold is back, again!! Its a dream come true for this little geek blogger… thanks for your patronization, I’ll take it!


(Original postdate 8/11/2012.  Not much has changed and a lot has changed.  Enjoy!)

This woman, Sarah Connor (the character) from Terminator II was what inspired me to get in shape years ago after I had my kids.

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I Love New York in June… How About You?

Wow.  Tonight I found out that one of the happiest, most interesting men I ever (but really never) knew died.  Not only that he died, and he was way too young, but that he might of ended his life.  <HUGE SIGH>  You know, I grew up with Robin Williams starting as Mork, from Ork.  I was a 70’s tv kid and Robin came and just took over.  His movies were the funniest.. he just kept blowing us away.  There were so many movies… really different, odd movies with him, and some I didn’t even see until I got older.

But here are my top Five (5)– in Honor, and In Memory.

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GRAVITY -FINALLY SAW IT- and apparently the Academy was also floating in space with little to no oxygen when they were awarding this movie

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