The Power of Helping People and This Thankful Little Blogger

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Hi! I guess its about time I say thanks, huh?  This little blogger (5 ft 1 inch tall) has more to be thankful for than in any years past.  Of course you all know how thankful I am to have that little girl in my life (I think that goes without saying), but that little girl has changed this little grandma into something bigger than she ever thought she could be! That’s thankful on a whole different level. Continue reading

When Life Knocks You Down, Rollerblade Up- Hump Day

photo 5 (4)

My Skates Resting until after work

Happy Hump Day.  Boy did I overcome a hump today. Though life continues to knock me down with its struggles then answers, problems solved, problems created, I noticed today that another great blogger friend commented on a post from over 2 years ago and reminded me I’ve been there done that before, and overcame. Thank you for that reminder.  I need to repost that post, though I think I was kind of ashamed of those older ones.  Shame on me for that, heh heh! Continue reading


Marathon Healing – The Surreal Days Since

Its been a pretty rough few days but I’m getting back in the swing of things ever so slowly literally and figuratively, as I try to heal.  It was a nice surprise to see these pictures today and that I’m smiling in most of them and I didn’t wear the pain on my face my body was feeling throughout most of the race.

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