What to Expect when you have Expectations of Others

(Originally published 10-25-14. A timeless lesson we all need to remember now and again!)

Did you expect me to wear glasses today?  Did you have any expectations?

Did you expect me to wear glasses today? Did you have any expectations?

Expectations.  Boy was wrong I was about you.

What if I told you the secret to true happiness was always there, inside you?  The corny line that Dorothy was told to by Glinda in OZ….when she got the ruby shoes, lol. Really.  What if I said to you that no amount of money, education or huge career will uncover the true happiness and life success that you know you are missing because you are still not happy?

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Remind Me To Stay Motiviated

Okay so I’m going about my day and then BAMM! Something hits me so hard I have to pause and stop and celebrate. Here’s what it is:

WOO HOO! So excited for this movie. So I had to share this old post on such an occasion.  The occasion being finally the redemption of Sarah Connor (I think that should be its subtitle!!). If I didn’t mention it, I’m a movie freak.. in particular Sci-fi.  This series is one of my all time favorites.. and Arnold is back, again!! Its a dream come true for this little geek blogger… thanks for your patronization, I’ll take it!


(Original postdate 8/11/2012.  Not much has changed and a lot has changed.  Enjoy!)

This woman, Sarah Connor (the character) from Terminator II was what inspired me to get in shape years ago after I had my kids.

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I Prefer A Pink Tuesday

(Happy Birthday to my very first grand child Arya Kira today.  So to celebrate today I’m showing my favorite Arya Kira posts.  Originally posted 8/6/2014.  Enjoy!)

I had a very Pink Tuesday, thank you.  I hadn’t seen my best buddy in a week and one whole day.  I think that’s way past the longest we’ve gone without each other. Her mommy has had a busy schedule, and I’m glad for that, cause they need to conquer the world.  But I was jonesing for my pink sidekick, and I got a great fix today. Here’s more of our colorful day.

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A Non-Feminist’s View on Feminism, the Word and Our World

(Originally posted 8/17/14.. but a timeless message that every now and again needs to be heard by those who haven’t heard it yet.  Also, I wanted to make sure a special lady named Lisa who I spoke to on the phone today read it too, since it might be hard to find on my still not properly categorized website. Enjoy!)


Good Morning,

Getting ready for my big run today.  But before that, a little perspective, and no man hating, promise… just something I’ve been wanting to put out there.  I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting. 😉

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The Scarf and The Lemonade Stand

A blogger after my own heart, and a story that tore at the strings of my heart just as she herself does in it. I’d of done the very same too.. after all, what’s a little watered down lemonade next to the uplifting things we can do and get from thinking and helping others, especially kids.


A little beginninglifeat43 Friday night perspective…

Hey.. you had nothing else to do on a Friday night! 😉

Cheers to the crazy but BRAVE.  May we rein!  Anyone can be crazy, but owning it, loving it and doing right with it is a special crazy. Standing up for yourself, your needs, and not taking anything less.  That’s a freedom you’ll never look back on. Being you and not letting anything stop it – its about your happiness. Everything else falls into place. Not everyone will like you, but the most important one will.  That’s you… hello!  If you are not living for the real thing, loving life for what it really is.. then you are really the crazy one.  Get on board.. and love the crazy dork.. if you are lucky enough to be one.

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