Sockin’ it to McDonalds

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home today?

No not him, well yes he was but that’s not what I meant.  Got a package in the mail today!  One of the best parts about your kids growing up and moving away is the extra money you find yourself left with at the end of the month.  No more “allowance”, gas money or lunch money.  No one else is eating all the food out of your fridge, laundry costs are cheaper and even utility bills drop.  It is a  whole new world for me to be able to buy things I might want for myself and not feel selfish about it.

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Run, anyone?


Five days a week since I started running, I get up early to be able to get in a good run.  Since my last injury (sprained ankle then plantar fasciitis, which I still have in my right foot) and the extreme heat, I haven’t gotten to my stride yet.  I was almost at 11-12 miles per run before the injury back in May.  Also I should mention Max got bit by another dog and injured his paw, so I also sat out during that time hoping and praying he’d be able to run again.

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