What to Expect when you have Expectations of Others

(Originally published 10-25-14. A timeless lesson we all need to remember now and again!)

Did you expect me to wear glasses today?  Did you have any expectations?

Did you expect me to wear glasses today? Did you have any expectations?

Expectations.  Boy was wrong I was about you.

What if I told you the secret to true happiness was always there, inside you?  The corny line that Dorothy was told to by Glinda in OZ….when she got the ruby shoes, lol. Really.  What if I said to you that no amount of money, education or huge career will uncover the true happiness and life success that you know you are missing because you are still not happy?

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So Life Sucks… Find the Love and Fun Around You and Live Anyways

(Originally Posted 7/25/14.  I had such a great time with Arya’s mommy just us three and I want her to know how much I love her exactly how she is, including her snakes, lizards and especially her babygirl. She took many of the pics in this post and is such a gifted talented photographer and artist.  If you’d like to see more please visit her Facebook Page Jordyn Veronique Art.  When life sucks and people let you down, just read this post and know how amazing you are!!  So grateful you are in my life, I love you Jordyn!)

Love to dance and so does she!

So its crystal clear to all of you… my life is far from perfect.  I’ve only “begun” to live my best life.  Constantly still making mistakes, even now, but learning and growing can’t happen without them.  There are problems, lots of them.  Some within control, and some – not somuch. But what I CAN control how I let those things affect me.  Can you tell this girls’ been through the ringer, let down unbelievably bad by someone she truly believed in (yes today!), and really, completely feel clueless?  Ha, well its true.  Ya, even though still kinda devastatedly shocked, I’ve still got love in my life and damn it I’m gonna live.  Everything isn’t exactly where it should be yet, but still going in the right direction.

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Walking Away and Finding my Focus

photo (21)

(Originally Posted 8-14-2014)

Hi.  How’s your day going so far? Having a good day, or a bad one? Mine is kinda in the middle. I RAN TODAY, so that was really good. The Chicago Marathon is 2 months away and if I keep on how I’m going now, I might do alright.  Its going to be THE test of my life though, getting there and doing it again, because I COMPLETELY lost focus in the last 8 months. I was much further ahead in my mileage last year at this time.  I was actually almost a completely different person last year at this time.

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Does Time Really Heal All Wounds, Revisting a Past Post

I wrote a post “Does Time Really Heal All Wounds,” for a man named Christopher Glosser, the same man who abandoned me last weekend after the marathon in favor of his selfish needs.  I came across this one today and was shocked at how similar it was to how I feel today. There’s a lesson there and here too, that I’ve learned now finally. I’ll tell you what it was at the end of this slightly altered re-post.

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Meet My New Boyfriend- The Perfect Guy

How do you like my new guy? With rose in hand dressed so nicely he says all the right things in such a suave way, doesn’t he? Too bad he’s just a stuffed toy with a digital recording. I really do need a lot more than that from my man, if you get my drift heh heh. So does every woman and probably why he ended up donated to that big Rummage Sale the church I work for had last week. But he found me somehow and I took pity on him and took him home.   Continue reading


Low Cycle on the Rollercoaster Tonight

wk me 2Moving on can be very  hard…  why is it I only want to clean my house when I have less than an hour to get ready to go out for the night?  Why do I have to face such a busy street, and be forced to watch cars, resembling that car, pass by, every 30 seconds, but I know without a doubt none of those are the one anyways?

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