Where I Have Been

Hello all, I am back and hopefully getting back on track.   Where have I been?  Well, my nice, simple life got a little less simple since I last posted, and I’ve had to do some major readjusting.  Finally I think I’m getting the hang of it.  You see, it all started when I went to this festival “Retro on Roscoe” with my friends Maria and Jenna and their guys.

Here is me and a few of the sites I saw at one of the many wonderful festivals Chicago’s neighborhoods put on during the summer:

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Exercise, overstimulation and a birthday card for mom.

It was a double header in the exercise department today  as Max and I ran (almost 9 miles, for a total of 26 so far for the week) this morning, and this evening I then I finally went back to my Zumba class!

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