When Life Knocks You Down, Rollerblade Up- Hump Day

photo 5 (4)

My Skates Resting until after work

Happy Hump Day.  Boy did I overcome a hump today. Though life continues to knock me down with its struggles then answers, problems solved, problems created, I noticed today that another great blogger friend commented on a post from over 2 years ago and reminded me I’ve been there done that before, and overcame. Thank you for that reminder.  I need to repost that post, though I think I was kind of ashamed of those older ones.  Shame on me for that, heh heh! Continue reading

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Trying to SmileHappy Sunday to everyone, I hope its been filled with all you wanted it to be. Today was quiet for me, which is probably a good thing because yesterday was filled with too many highs and lows. But I was so hoping today might be the day. Time spent on deep thinking, and trying to block the looming sadness that filled me as it went on.  No sign of the change I have been longing desperately would finally arrive.


In the meantime, here’s a photographic glance of some highlights of my week, and the world and beauty that surrounded it.

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