Remind Me To Stay Motiviated

Okay so I’m going about my day and then BAMM! Something hits me so hard I have to pause and stop and celebrate. Here’s what it is:

WOO HOO! So excited for this movie. So I had to share this old post on such an occasion.  The occasion being finally the redemption of Sarah Connor (I think that should be its subtitle!!). If I didn’t mention it, I’m a movie freak.. in particular Sci-fi.  This series is one of my all time favorites.. and Arnold is back, again!! Its a dream come true for this little geek blogger… thanks for your patronization, I’ll take it!


(Original postdate 8/11/2012.  Not much has changed and a lot has changed.  Enjoy!)

This woman, Sarah Connor (the character) from Terminator II was what inspired me to get in shape years ago after I had my kids.

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Monday Motivation- Cross Train When You’re Struggling

I ran today!

I ran today!

(Original Post Date 7-21-14.  Reposted not just because its Monday, but because I went back into training mode again today.  That means running, working out, eating right and staying away from the bad stuff.. well maybe a little wine because it has resveratrol (omg I think I was calling it rohypnol, lol, big diff n maybe I should rethink the wine) Well ANYWAYS reading it today helped motivate me to go out into the freezing cold this morning and run and I feel great because I did.  Happy Monday Motivation! You can get right back on the horse too!)

Me cheering on two of my best gf's- after their first 10K!  They rocked it, of course.

Me cheering on two of my best gf’s- after their first 10K! They rocked it, of course.

When I first started learning running it took many months just to be able to run long periods without stopping – and to learn to breathe properly.  I started by running 20 seconds at a time (I’d count, in my head) while running with my dog Max. Then I’d feel like my heart was gonna explode!  It was actually all about exercising him (if I never mentioned that before), since we have a tiny yard and no dog run.  Gradually, seconds became minutes, minutes became a half hour, etc.  For the first year all I did was count seconds, omg… I got up to ohh thousands (the insanity of that –I look back on now).  Hey, I didn’t have an MP3 player yet- and my Discman (omg haven’t seen that word in a while), while great for skates was a bit bulky for running.  Anyways, for a long time, it was “fake it till I make it”. You just keep pushing through the crap days and weeks.. and then one day, the breathing kicked in, the body was strong and I got that high, that distance and felt what running was all about.

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Weekly Highlights and Arya Lights

(On the eve of my first grand daughter’s first birthday, I give you a post originally posted 8/16/2014.  Wow I cannot believe she will be one years old tomorrow.  I’m so very proud. Happy Friday everyone!)

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Inspiration Doesn’t Always Come from Humans

(Originally reblogged this post 8/17/14, I guest posted on “Trying to Make Things Right’s” blog (thanks again Diana). Now I’m re-posting my reblogged guest post. LOL Say that three times fast if you can figure that one out.  Or just read the story, its a great one.)

Happy National Dog Day! This is my Second Attempt at Guest Posting. Please check out this great Author’s Blog too!

trying to make things right

Happy National Dog Day.  Meet Max, my hero.

My Max!

Today, on this special day,  I celebrate a creature that has done more for me in my life than any human I’ve ever known.

A creature that from the start, for no reason at all, loved me unconditionally.

A creature that helped me find my true self.

 I owe him everything.  I will be so lost and devastated when the time comes for him to leave this earth and cannot imagine living here without him at my side.

A day to celebrate him is the very least I can do.

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Have Hope- and Run A Marathon

Tomorrow morning at 8 AM I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon.  I did it last year and did pretty good for a granny. (5.08) but I trained hard and didn’t get too as much this year.

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