Another week goes by as life persists on sucking summer out of the way to make room for back-to-school items

Hope it was a Happy Friendship Day for you yesterday. I’d like to tell a truth.

I did run a few times this week, but my heart and desire for it are no where near where they should be. A lot has happened to me since the marathon.   Just when you get to the place where you finally think nothing can touch you, something will come, touch you, then knock you the hell off your pedestal.

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Geeking out on Saturday night

There’s something to be said for Karma. I’m pretty broke, but one day not long ago a good friend gave me this digital TV. It’s my very first.

Tonight I finally found time and hooked it to my computer. (Been kinda busy lol). I have no cable and borrowed on luck internet, so shows limited to little laptop. Now just need a longer HDMI.


 I must say as a typical 70’s TV kid it’s a brain disconnect moment connecting a tv to a computer.

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