Just Who are the People Your Neighborhood? A Monday Motivation

Do you know your neighbors or your neighborhood? Does my title make you want to sing a little Mr. Rogers (if you are old enough to know him – my very first “neighbor”).  Well I have a great story to tell you about my neighborhood and a few of the houses and neighbors met and not yet met.

Okay now what crazy thing have you gotten me into Grandma?

A couple weeks back I was walking the grandbaby on a warm October day when I remembered this house.  This house belongs to this man who was always very friendly when Max and I would walk by, even though Max would relive himself too often in this secret garden. Oh and there’s more, besides what I would come to find out much later which is that is this man is also the caretaker in the cemetery for the church I work for. Though I had never met our cemetery caretaker its kind of a separate entity and also not behind the church but a few blocks away. If you think his home is a  garden wonder, you ought to see the cemetery. I might not be a United Church of Christ member (I’m actually Episcopal) but I’d definitely rest in peace there.  But this is where he lives. Continue reading