Why I’ll Never Forget The Breakfast Club

Today when I went into work I found Pastor had left me an article from the Chicago Tribune on a movie that defined my generation- that is Generation X.  Its the 3010993471_10202828550949443_5730713093598669111_nth anniversary of the movie this year and apparently they will be re-releasing it on the big screen.  As I read the article I had tears in my eyes and that forever immortalized song “Don’t You Forget About Me” in my head.  No, I won’t ever forget; the movie, The Breakfast Club, or John Hughes the writer and director, or anything about that movie.  It was so close to home for me, in so many ways.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Ones

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I don’t know why when I see a parent “sweating the small ones” it bothers me so, but it does.  Maybe because I did it once upon a time myself and now know how unnecessary it is and wish they wouldn’t. Maybe its because whatever the kid is doing cracks me up and anything that makes me laugh that much can’t be all bad.  I don’t know.

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Divine Magnificence

I just found this a profoundly commanding, thrilling, mind provoking quote and had to share.  Its beyond words to feel a tenth of that, but when you do your whole idea of magnificence magnifies.


Courtesy of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers -https://www.facebook.com/AfterlifeBillyFingers?fref=photo

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You are Not Living by Human Laws

Courtesy of Simple Reminders

Courtesy of Simple Reminders -simplereminders.com

If we aren’t living by human laws, then whose laws are we living by?

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Just Who are the People Your Neighborhood? A Monday Motivation

Do you know your neighbors or your neighborhood? Does my title make you want to sing a little Mr. Rogers (if you are old enough to know him – my very first “neighbor”).  Well I have a great story to tell you about my neighborhood and a few of the houses and neighbors met and not yet met.

Okay now what crazy thing have you gotten me into Grandma?

A couple weeks back I was walking the grandbaby on a warm October day when I remembered this house.  This house belongs to this man who was always very friendly when Max and I would walk by, even though Max would relive himself too often in this secret garden. Oh and there’s more, besides what I would come to find out much later which is that is this man is also the caretaker in the cemetery for the church I work for. Though I had never met our cemetery caretaker its kind of a separate entity and also not behind the church but a few blocks away. If you think his home is a  garden wonder, you ought to see the cemetery. I might not be a United Church of Christ member (I’m actually Episcopal) but I’d definitely rest in peace there.  But this is where he lives. Continue reading

Happy 100th Post to Me

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Status Update: Elation

From every part of my being, I am immersed in elation.

Head brimming on the verge of explosion. More ideas, challenges, inspirations, and lessons learned beckon to be put to paper in proper form. Continue reading