What to Expect when you have Expectations of Others

(Originally published 10-25-14. A timeless lesson we all need to remember now and again!)

Did you expect me to wear glasses today?  Did you have any expectations?

Did you expect me to wear glasses today? Did you have any expectations?

Expectations.  Boy was wrong I was about you.

What if I told you the secret to true happiness was always there, inside you?  The corny line that Dorothy was told to by Glinda in OZ….when she got the ruby shoes, lol. Really.  What if I said to you that no amount of money, education or huge career will uncover the true happiness and life success that you know you are missing because you are still not happy?

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A Non-Feminist’s View on Feminism, the Word and Our World

(Originally posted 8/17/14.. but a timeless message that every now and again needs to be heard by those who haven’t heard it yet.  Also, I wanted to make sure a special lady named Lisa who I spoke to on the phone today read it too, since it might be hard to find on my still not properly categorized website. Enjoy!)


Good Morning,

Getting ready for my big run today.  But before that, a little perspective, and no man hating, promise… just something I’ve been wanting to put out there.  I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting. 😉

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My Broken Tracks


Image courtesy of Cheri Lucas Rowlands at The Daily Post

I had been here before, a long time ago. It looked a lot different back then.  The rails were a shining new silver and so bright if the sun was high and you looked at them at the wrong angle it could blind you. There were people waiting to wave me off for miles. Even a band and a parade.

But now, it was nothing but an abandoned, worn, empty spot. The station was tore down and there was not a soul in sight for miles.

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A Permanent Goodbye

IMG_5345Tell me, who of you says, “It’s not my problem?”  Really be honest with yourself. We all have done it from time to time. Now, look an innocent baby in the face and say that.   Continue reading


Show your true colors..!

This wonderful blogger Monica, reached out to me today with her post, that she felt would help aid me through my day, and she was so right. So I share with you and hope you will follow her too. I got through this day, and hope to wake up to feeling a bit better tomorrow because of all the people that do, really care, in this world. Goodnight from Illinois.

One step each day

Allow me to start todays post with a video from a live performance of a greek singer. I know many do not know her nor do you understand the lyrics. However, the body language is universal. In this short video what we see is a performer overwhelmed by her feelings when she sees/realises that the spectators of her concert are singing her song from the very beginning till the very end. We can see her excitement from the very first moment, her movements, her sparkling eyes…as the video advances, her emotions multiply and she ends up sharing tears of joy! She is living the moment, a moment that I am sure she will never forget. She did not hold back. She jumped into it. She went for it. She did not fear to show a lot, or too little. She WAS THERE!

This is what all of us need to…

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