A Very Busy Grandma Laura Tosses Popcorn

Hi Everyone!!  I’ve been on grandma duty for 6 days in a row, and today is the first day I am not.  So later I’m going to catch you all up on my misadventures as the holidays approach. I am so in need of writing!  But for now, I HAD to share this great little video I did last night of my grandbaby.  I’ve never in my life seen her laugh so hard.

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A Sha Na Na Kind of Day

Hi folks, it truly was a Sha na na kind of day. My running/marathon partner (a.k.a. Werid Twin) posted an unhappy work comment with the phrase “time for a change” yesterday. Well I couldn’t resist and as a 70’s American girl, it was a Very Brady Moment. Most of the comments consisted of, heh heh, “Sha na na na na.” Hey, she posted, she’s got to deal. 😉 Then, this blogger took it from there with song stuck in my head. Today, head exploded, but in a fun way, no brains on video, promise.  So I thought I’d give her a smile via a “video text” (I’ve started doing those when I have no time to text people these days), at my expense. So why not let all of you in on the fun too?

Had a nice talk with a Very special lady who completely inspired me today and in turn, I continued to tried to inspire back.  In a Very Brady way. 😉  Continue reading


A Love Letter

To all my blogger friends, followers, friends and family… you make a difference, every day, every word you write, every picture you take, every smile you give, every word you speak- whether you know it or not, you touch someone. Don’t ever be afraid no one’s listening. Continue reading


Why Waste Good Ice?

I LOVE IT!! What do you say, lets fight for all of us suffering PMS, one beer at a time.

Nothing against ALS but the whole Ice Bucket thing is getting way too played out and I haven’t even done it yet and have been challenged twice!

Then today I saw this… <3.  Lol there are lots of them, all over YouTube.  Ahh, very cute and very creative.  Silly men, they can be clever can’t they.  XOXOXO

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GRAVITY -FINALLY SAW IT- and apparently the Academy was also floating in space with little to no oxygen when they were awarding this movie

****WARNING.. may contain spoilers.  If you have not seen this movie by now, consider yourself lucky you found my review.  I’ll save you an hour and a half you’ll never get back — HUGE EARTH, stunning visuals and all***** Continue reading